New Umbrellas

82cm shoot-through – R180

85cm white – R295

75cm silver (adjustable standard to square) – R390

75cm white (adjustable standard to square) – R390

110cm silver (adjustable standard to square) – R490

110cm (convertible – from white to shoot-through) – R490

Limited stock available


Soft Boxes For Elinchrom or BowensFlash




Photoflex Soft Boxes:

Premium Quality, 62x81cm, including Speed Ring for either Elinchrom or Bowens – R2000

41×56 cm, including Speed Ring for either Elinchrom or Bowens – R1600

30x41cm, including Speed Ring for either Elinchrom or Bowens – R1100


Twin V Pro Charger for Canon NB-511 & NB-2LH Batteries – R390


Twin V Pro Canon – R390



Super Clamps – R690


Super Clamps

Super Clamps



Flash Sync Cables – R250


Sync Cables – R250



Bean Bags – R390


Bean Bags – R390



Backdrop Roll Up System


Backdrop Roll Up System – R1300


Creative Light Soft Box Sytem For Speedlights


Creative Light for Speedlights c

Speed Light Adapter & Soft Box


We have limited stocks of this brand of premium speed rings and soft-boxes (related to Profoto).  This speed ring enables you to use Profoto soft boxes with Speedlight flashguns (Nikon, Canon & others). The following items are currently on special:

Speed Ring Adapter (Single Shoe) – R1560

Creative Light Soft Box 40x40cm – R1190  



Underwater Housings for Compact Cameras                                  
Canon WP-DC20 Waterproof Housing 40m for Powershot S1 Camera
(Sold Out) R 450
Canon WP DC90 Waterproof Housing 40m
(Sold Out) R 350
Canon WP DC60 Waterproof Housing 40m
R 250
Sony Marine Pack Cyber-Shot for DSC P5/P3 Cameras
R 250
Sony Sports Pack SPK-SA Cyber-Shot for DSC S90, ST80, S80, S60
R 190
Sony Sports Pack SPK-WA Cyber-Shot  for W70, W55, W50, W40, W35, W30 Cameras
R 190
Sony Sports Pack Cyber-Shot for DSC-T9 Camera
R 150
Samsung Digimax SPH-V4/V3 Protection Housing 70m
R 350
Pentax Optio Waterproof Case for Optio S40 Camera
R 190
Fuji Fine Pix Waterproof Case for Finepix A400/A500 Cameras
R 250
  Sony Chargers  
Sony Handycam NP-F200 Rechargeable Battery
R 200
Sony AC Adpater/Charger AC-SQ950D for Handycam, Cyber-Shot, CD Mavica
R 350
Sony Cyber-Shot Station CSS-TNA for DSC N1, T9 & T5
R 350
Sony Cyber-Shot Station CSS-SA for S90, S80, S60
R 350

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